Friday, June 10, 2011

Gaga piece for V magazine. Illustrated by Christian Cimoroni

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is a book cover redesign I created for my Illustration Styles and Concepts Class. I chose to design a cover for the dark thriller "The Stepford Wives" by Ira Levin. I painted the figure and dropped in a vintage decorative wallpaper in the background as an homage to Coles Phillips.
This is an illustration I painted with acrylic of the character Catwoman.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fashion in a box! I created these little fashion illustrations with parts of a disassembled double mint gum box.

Figure studies and gesture drawings.

gesture drawings.

Digital illustration of The Dairy Queen. I created this piece in my humorous illustration class, the work is rendered in illustrator.

This piece is a recreation of the "Gone With The Wind" poster for a factoid assignment. The factoid I chose to illustrate was that Clark Gables breath was so bad that vivian leigh would come close to fainting during their kissing scenes. Scarlett is offering Rhett a breath mint in their embrace. The medium is acrylic on cold press illustration board.

Figure Studies.

Two Katy Perry gig posters I designed in the style of Patrick Nagel for my entrepreneurial illustration class. Both of the posters are rendered in illustrator.

An illustration I did of Katy Perry and Elmo about her "cleavage problem" on the children's television show Sesame Street. The drew out the characters and colored them in illustrator.

Logos I designed for my Illustration Styles and Concepts class. The assignment was to create a logo design that appeals to a certain demographic. I chose to market my logo to little girls. The logos are rendered in illustrator.

I did this illustration for fun, it's of Disney's Jessica Rabbit from "Who framed Roger Rabbit". I drew out the character first then rendered it in illustrator.

This illustration was created for a humorous card assignment in my humorous illustration class. This card pokes fun at Cher's age as a Happy Birthday card to people who are "over the hill". I drew out the character and colored it in photoshop.

Hello Hello Baby, a piece I created as a fun pop art homage.

Two pieces I created to explore some themes Lady Gaga expressed through her work. Substance abuse, addiction, objectification of women, I wanted to show that all these things are seen through her. This is why I left parts of my illustration exposed. These pieces are mixed media with hand drawn illustrations.

Figure Study.

An acrylic portrait I made for my Illustration Methods class of Lady Gaga that was given to Gaga herself.

A pen and ink illustration of Lady Gaga I drew for my Illustration Methods class.
An illustration of the bride of frankenstein I created for my humorous illustration class. The assignment was to create a fun and playful card design, I chose to do one for Halloween. I drew out the character and colored it in photoshop.

Figure study from my Advanced Figure Drawing Class.

Two digital pieces I did for my electronic Illustration class my sophomore year. The project was to illustrate tattoos. I chose to incorporate tattoos into a form of haute couture. The paintings are done in corel painter.

Monday, April 4, 2011


This illustration was created for my Illustration Styles and Concepts class. The assignment was to create an illustration that shows two people interacting in some form of conversation. I chose to do a beautiful young couple caught in the moment of "popping the question". This painting is an homage to the sweet, simple and quirky style of Mr. Norman Rockwell. The medium is acrylic on illustration board.

Veronica Lake Painting

This is a painting I did for my entrepreneurial illustration class. We had to create a piece that resonated with who we were, I decided to paint Veronica Lake. I feel that she embodies classic Hollywood glamour and I wanted to illustrate her in a classic film noir style.